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Today in a subscriber-only post, analyst Ross Young reported that he and his team have heard rumblings about a new iPhone display size being introduced with 2025’s iPhone 17 lineup.

This new display size would take the spot of the current iPhone Plus model, continuing to offer a larger iPhone option at a more affordable price. However, in a surprising move, this reported new size will take the iPhone Plus in a direction that will likely be unexpected by many.

Shrinking the Plus model

Young reports that the larger non-Pro iPhone will feature a new 6.55-inch display. This model is currently referred to as the iPhone Plus, but reports indicate it may shift to something like an iPhone Slim. Perhaps supporting these rumors of a name and focus shift, the 6.55-inch display would represent a notable decrease from the current 6.7-inch display found in the iPhone 15 Plus.

6.55 inches would still represent a major size boost over the base model iPhone 17, which is expected to retain the current base model’s 6.1-inch size. However, perhaps reducing the display size is part of the broader play of slimming down the phone in an effort to distinguish it more than at present from its peer models.

9to5Mac’s Take

It has been no secret that sales of the iPhone Plus model tend to lag behind the other SKUs of new iPhones, so Apple making major changes to the formula behind its lineup makes sense.

It will be interesting to see what the overall narrative around this phone is. If it does indeed come with a moniker like iPhone Slim, presenting itself as an “Air-like” version of the iPhone, that would be a first for the iPhone lineup.

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iPhone 17 ‘Slim’ will reportedly feature a new 6.55-inch display – 9to5Mac

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