Apple wanted to enter the EV market a long ago. The firm also created a dedicated team to work on its EV project. However, due to some undisclosed reasons, Apple canceled its EV project all of a sudden. But that’s not the end of Apple’s possible plan for the electric automobiles market. New reports claim that Apple is in talks with EV startups in the US. It is also looking for partnership opportunities with Rivian.

Apple wants to tie up with EV startup Rivian

The original report claims that Apple is looking for all the possible opportunities to partner with an EV startup in the US market. The tech giant is exploring all the startups and their potential future aspects. Rivian and Apple both seem to be looking for a possible tie-up.

Though we have zero information regarding this partnership’s reason and possible outcomes, we can predict what’s coming because of the company’s recent shutdown of the EV project. It might simply partner with another manufacturer of automobiles and merge their teams up to create a final EV with Apple’s branding.

Apple Car might not be dead, as we all think

After the brand scrapped its EV project and redeployed the team to the AI department, we all started thinking that it might be the time to bid goodbye to the dreams of Apple Car. The company later laid off as many as 700 employees and some of them were from the same EV project.

But it might not be wrong to say that Apple has not decided to give up on its project. The firm was working on the project for as long as 10 years and they simply do not want this to go into the vein. Apple might very well use its existing 10 years of research and development and then team up with the existing EV manufacturer to create a final product. This could be a very good move, if true.

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