Apple’s generative AI testing follows as we expect significant changes for iOS 18. According to news aggregator yeux1122, Apple’s internal codes suggest that the company is working on a Siri Summarization feature, showing “Please summarize the given text” and “Please answer this question” lines.

The news aggregator suggests that Siri Summarization will also work with the Messages app for both iMessage and SMS texts. More recently, Google and Samsung announced several AI features for their Pixel 8 and Galaxy 24 phones, including summarizing articles, messages, and more through AI.

In addition, it seems Apple is already testing four AI models in iOS 17.4 code. Two of them are AjaxGPT, Apple’s proprietary large language model, while also using ChatGPT and Google’s FLAN-T5.

Ultimately, Apple aims to improve and integrate its LLMs into iOS. According to the news aggregator, Apple is comparing its test results with ChatGPT with FLAN-T5 with both on-device and online processing.


Since Apple believes privacy is a “fundamental human right,” it’s likely that the company is aiming at the most AI features to run locally, which would include reading the user’s messages. Other than that, this could threaten the user’s privacy.

Over the past few months, BGR heard several reports about Apple’s AI efforts regarding this Ajax language. Previously, it was believed that Apple would focus on B2C applications, such as AppleCare chats or internal development tools.

But as its competitors keep focusing on AI, Apple is being pressured to do the same. Thankfully, iOS 18 is already rumored to be the most important software update the iPhone has ever received. If that’s the case, we should expect Artificial Intelligence usage, but most importantly, running on-device.

Leak says Apple is testing four AI models, Siri Summarization feature confirmed

Recently, we reported on a paper showing that Apple discovered how to make large language models fit into an iPhone memory, which is the main challenge for the company’s competitor. With WWDC 2024, we’ll finally discover if Apple’s AI plans succeeded.

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