The upcoming wearable from Cupertino, dubbed as the ‘Apple Watch X,’ a.k.a. the Series 10, will revamp the entire wearable line, and significant claims corroborate this rumor for the device. 

Incidentally, this Apple Watch X would also be the next-in-line for Cupertino as last year saw the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 9, with this year speculated for the Series 10.

Apple Watch X Revamp is Coming for the 10th Mainline Version

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Massive rumors from different sources are now converging on the Apple Watch X, the speculated tenth-anniversary edition of the wearable from Apple. Digitimes reported that the new Apple Watch X will use a new resin-coated copper (RCC) motherboard design for this release, with Ming-Chi Kuo corroborating that the 2025 iPhone 17 will also use the same tech. 

It will bring a thinner logic board, and overall, it could also make the wearable thinner, hence the revamp of its design and size. However, it was also argued by 9to5Mac that the thinner logic board may make way for a bigger battery or other components, but there is still a lot unknown behind it. 

That being said, the Apple Watch X is considered the biggest update or change coming to the wearable from Cupertino, one that would no longer be compatible with old bands because of this new design. 

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Apple Watch Series 10 or X: When to Expect It?

It is also unknown when the Apple Watch X will be released, particularly as Apple first announced it in September 2014, but it did not arrive until 2015. 

The 2024 debut of the Apple Watch X is unknown, and it has been disputed before that 2025 is the expected release date for the tenth-anniversary device.

Moreover, there are massive questions about how 2024 would see an Apple Watch, let alone a Series 10.

A Decade of the Apple Watch Series

The first Apple Watch was released in 2015. The Apple Watch offers an accessory to the iPhone that offers more than just notifications; it also has a heartbeat sensor, specific apps, and more.

However, that is different from 2016’s Apple Watch Series 1, and while this got the name and number centered on its annual availability, it is not the first one. 

Massive features and events transpired for the Apple Watch, and this includes the improvements including an improved heart rate monitor, spewing water that entered the watch, temperature data, Kids Mode, Mood Tracker, and more

However, it saw a significant legal issue before 2023 ended, one that led to the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 being banned from the market because of a patent dispute on its Blood Oxygen tool. 

Another year has passed and it only means that the annual regular release of the Apple Watch is coming yet again, and this year automatically centers on the 10th series version of the wearable.

The biggest revamp to the device is coming with the Apple Watch X, filled with new designs and technologies from Apple, but it is unknown if it will follow the annual timeline or its numbering set almost ten years ago. 

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