OLED iPad Pro 4TB rumor (existing model shown)

Apple will announce new iPad models next month, and this includes a new generation iPad Pro powered by the M3 chip and featuring OLED displays for the first time. However, the 11-inch version may face supply problems due to OLED display shipments, which could make it more difficult to buy one at launch.

11-inch iPad Pro to face supply constraints

As reported by DSCC analyst Ross Young, OLED display shipments for the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro have been higher than those for the smaller Pro model.

The analyst claims that Samsung, which is one of those responsible for shipping OLED displays for the new iPads, has been facing “technical challenges” with the production of the two-stack tandem structure in which the panel has two emission layers. Young believes that the situation will be the same throughout May, which could affect the availability of the new 11-inch iPad Pro at launch.

In a previous report, the analyst had already predicted that the launch of the new iPad Pro would be delayed due to production constraints for the new displays. LG is expected to produce all 12.9-inch OLED panels, while both LG and Samsung will produce 11-inch panels.

Corroborating Young’s reports, 9to5Mac found drivers for new OLED displays from both Samsung and LG in the iPadOS 17.5 beta files. The software is expected to come pre-installed on the new iPads. In addition to OLED displays, the new generation iPad Pro is expected to have a slimmer design.

Rumors on the new iPads

Apple has scheduled a special event for May 7 to announce new iPads – the invitation artwork makes it very clear that the event is all about the company’s tablets. In addition to the new iPad Pro, the company is also rumored to be introducing iPad Air 6 with the M2 chip and a model with a 12.9-inch screen for the first time.

Finally, Apple is also working on an updated Magic Keyboard for the new iPad Pro. The new Magic Keyboard will “make the iPad Pro look more like a laptop and include a sturdier frame with aluminum,” according to multiple reports.

There’s also an Apple Pencil 3 on the way which, based on findings by 9to5Mac, will support new “squeeze” gestures and integration with Apple’s Find My network.

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New 11-inch iPad Pro could be supply constrained at launch

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