New iPad Air and iPad Pro availability shown in screengrab

There’s good news if you didn’t place a pre-order but have now decided to buy one of the latest iPads. Both the new iPad Air and iPad Pro are available for immediate store pickup today in each of the locations we checked.

Reasonably prompt delivery is also available, ranging from same-day in some locations to 2-5 days in others …

Both the new models were available for pre-order on May 7, the day they were announced, for delivery today, Wed 15.

Unlike some new Apple products, whose shipping dates start slipping soon after pre-orders open, you could still get day one delivery for some time.

Checking a bunch of locations now, it looks like you still won’t have to wait long to take delivery even if you order today. In London, for example, same-day delivery is available within two hours (for an £8 fee). Testing a number of US locations and configurations, delivery dates offered ranged from May 17 to May 20.

But if you live within reach of an Apple Store, you can order online for same-day pickup in each of the locations we tested.

The main exception, unsurprisingly, is if you want one of the nano-texture glass models. It’s likely Apple doesn’t have a good sense of likely demand for these, especially as the matte screen is only available for the 1TB and 2TB models, so probably builds them to order. For these, we were typically quoted June 10 to 17.

But for standard glass, even the 1TB and 2TB models have immediate availability.

Screengrab: 9to5Mac

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