iPad Pro with a glossy vs. matte display

A new rumor on Weibo today claims that the new iPad Pro models will be available in both matte and glossy screen options. This would be similar to how the Apple Studio Display and Pro Display XDR are also available in glossy and Nano-texture display options.

The move comes as third-party screen protectors from the likes of Paperlike and others have become increasingly popular for iPad Pro users.

The rumor comes from the account Instant Digital on Weibo. In a post on Wednesday, the account said the new iPad Pro will be available in “glossy and matte screen versions.” The matte version will allegedly feature a “haze value,” referring to the level of anti-glare treatment, of 29%, plus or minus 4%.

As a post from PC Monitors explains:

Some displays use a very mild matte anti-glare treatment for the screen surface. They have a very low haze value of around 2-7%. This describes the level of diffusion of light by the screen surface, with most matte screen surfaces having a higher haze value of ~25% or above. Such displays can therefore be classified as glossy or ‘close to glossy’ as their light emission and reflection properties most closely align with a glossy surface that has an anti-reflective film.

Presumably, the matte version of the iPad Pro would be more expensive than the glossy version. The Nano-texture version of the Studio Display, for example, is $300 more expensive than the glossy “Standard glass” version.

Today’s post from Instant Digital also says it is “confirmed” that the new iPad hardware will be released next week. The new iPad Pro models are expected to feature OLED displays, the M3 chip, a significantly thinner design, and a new Magic Keyboard accessory. Check out our full roundup for details on everything to expect.

The Weibo post from Instant Digital was first spotted by Hartley Charlton.

9to5Mac’s Take

I’d treat this one with some skepticism for now. While the Instant Digital account has shared accurate information about future Apple hardware, the source of this claim is not clear. We also haven’t heard this rumor from any other more reliable sources, such as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman or analyst Ross Young.

Apple itself has also often told Studio Display and Pro Display XDR users to treat the Nano-texture coating with extra care. Any version of the coating that appeared on a touchscreen device like an iPad would presumably have to be significantly more durable.

Still, matte screen protectors from third-party companies like Paperlike have been very popular over the years, so there’s certainly a market for people willing to pay extra for this option.

What do you think of the iPad Pro being available in a Nano-texture display option? How much extra would you be willing to pay? Let us know down in the comments.

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New iPad Pro could be available in new matte screen option, rumor claims – 9to5Mac

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