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OLED screens are on the way to the 2024 iPad Pro line. But when?
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The first iPad Pro with a OLED display is reportedly on track to launch in April. While that’s generally good news, previous leaks predicted a release in March.

The next generation of iPad Pro is also expected to have other enhancements, like an Apple M3 processor.

2024 iPad Pro goes OLED … at some point soon

With Organic Light-Emitting Diode displays, each pixel glows on its own. This leads to a bright, even image with strong contrast. iPhone and Apple Watch already have OLED, and the technology is about to come to iPad. Exactly when that’s going to happen is the question, though.

A report published Tuesday by the Korean-language site The Elec says, via machine translation, “The estimated time for shipment of Apple OLED iPad finished products is April.”

However, a previous unconfirmed report from Bloomberg pointed to a March release with the improved screen tech.

Only time will tell which prediction is accurate.

Both sizes of the iPad Pro will supposedly use OLED: the 11-inch model and a new, slightly larger 13-inch variant.

A speed increase for Apple’s premium tablet

Other leaks indicate the 2024 iPad Pro will come with the new Apple M3 processor that’s also used in some 2023 MacBooks. That’ll improve the tablet’s performance without affecting battery life.

Along with the new tablet, Apple is reportedly working on a redesigned Magic Keyboard. It will feature a larger trackpad and make the tablet look more like a laptop.

One aspect of the product that potential buyers might not like is the price. The current versions start at $799 and $1,099, depending on display size. OLED screens are beautiful but cost more than LCDs. It’s quite likely the iPad Pro 2024 models will get a price hike due to the improved screen technology.

Whenever Apple introduces its fresh line of premium tablets, expect the first 12.9-inch iPad Air to premiere at the same time.

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OLED iPad Pro might launch later than expected

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