While we first expected Apple to introduce the OLED iPad Pro in early March, users were now hoping for an early April release. Now, it seems Apple’s most premium tablet will only launch by May, at least, this is what Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman reports.

Gurman was first to say Apple would release this tablet in March or April, but now he says this device won’t launch until May as Apple ramps up overseas production. The journalist writes that “complex new manufacturing techniques” might add to the delay.

A few weeks ago, display analyst Ross Young hinted at Apple suffering from a short supply of the 11-inch OLED model.

In an X post, Ross Young said LG Display would start to deliver its 11-inch OLED panels for Apple this March to complement Samsung’s delivery. LG is also the only supplier of the 12.9-inch display, but this one seems to be fine. Interestingly, Samsung has been shipping 11-inch OLED panels since February.


Besides that, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has previously said that Apple is still readying a special version of iPadOS 17.4 to launch alongside the new OLED iPad Pro. Now, it seems it might come with iPadOS 17.5. Also, the two new iPad Air models are also launching with the Pro versions.

Why the OLED iPad Pro launch seems like a big deal?

After a few underwhelming upgrades with expensive accessories and little changes to the software, the iPad is in a similar position to when Apple sold Intel Macs. While the company was able to revamp its Mac category, the iPad needs the same care.

With this new display, Apple will also add a new design, revamped accessories, and a better chip. In addition, it will also soon announce iPadOS 18, which might have a lot of AI applications. That said, Apple has one more chance to make this iPad Pro worth it. Otherwise, I don’t think people will be here for an M4 version.

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