OLED MacBook Pro launch 2026 | 2023 models shown

Tech analyst Omdia has said that Apple is “highly likely” to launch its first OLED MacBook Pro models in 2026.

It was previously reported that Samsung is set to be the exclusive supplier of an OLED screen for a 13-inch MacBook Air, with a more advanced version expected to be used in the MacBook Pro …

MacRumors spotted the Omdia report, which aims to predict demand for OLED screens in the laptop market.

Demand for OLED displays in mobile PCs is projected to grow by 37% CAGR [compound annual growth rate] from 2023 to 2031. This surge reflects the trend that many brands are increasingly integrating OLED panels into their premium notebooks and tablets.

The firm notes Apple’s recent launch of the first OLED iPads, which is says will spur competitors to accelerate the adoption of the tech in their own tablets.

It goes on to make the MacBook Pro prediction.

According to Ricky Park, Senior Principal Analyst in Omdia’s Display research practice, “Apple is highly likely to incorporate OLED into its MacBook Pro models as early as 2026. This move could spark a significant surge in OLED demand within the notebook market, potentially reaching over 60 million units by 2031.”

It was previously reported that a 13-inch OLED MacBook Air is in the works using older tech, while MacBook Pro models would use the same advanced panels then expected (and since confirmed) to be used in the iPad Pro.

A supply-chain report says that a 13-inch OLED MacBook Air is now in development, with Samsung Display set to be the exclusive supplier […]

It appears that MacBook Air screens will be manufactured using 6th-generation OLED technology, while both MacBook Pro and iPad Pro models will get OLED screens made by more advanced 8th-gen kit.

It was later reported that Samsung was investing $3B in this tech.

Image: Apple

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