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  • Apple has signed a deal with OpenAI to provide chatbot functionality in iOS 18, according to a trusted journalist.
  • The iPhone maker is still working on a deal with Apple to have Google’s Gemini as an “option.”

We previously heard Apple was talking to Google and OpenAI about providing AI functionality on iOS 18. Now, it sounds like Apple has signed a deal with the ChatGPT maker.

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman reported in his Power On newsletter that Apple and OpenAI have reached a deal for OpenAI to provide chatbot functionality in iOS 18. He added that this deal will be a “component” of Apple’s WWDC developer event in June.

It seems like Apple isn’t keen on having all its cloud AI eggs in one basket, though. Gurman says the iPhone maker is still working on a deal with Google to offer Gemini as an “option,” but we shouldn’t expect this to be touted next month.

Previous leaks suggested that Apple is working on its own Ajax AI model for on-device text analysis, smart replies, and summaries. So it stands to reason that ChatGPT and other OpenAI tech will be used for analyzing longer bodies of text, image generation, and similarly demanding tasks.

Either way, the OpenAI deal should give Apple some breathing room as it undoubtedly works on its own chatbot, much like it previously offered Google Maps before launching Apple Maps.

This isn’t the only Apple AI news today, as Gurman also reported that iOS 18 could bring custom emoji functionality and other AI features.

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