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Apple is planning a major, iPhone X-style redesign for one of its 2025 iPhone models, according to a new report from The Information.

The report corroborates what we’ve heard from other reporting concerning a new ‘iPhone Slim’ model being in the works, but shares additional details about what to expect from the new best-in-class iPhone model coming next year.

Per Wayne Ma and Qianer Liu at The Information:

Apple is still testing different designs for the slimmer phone, which could include an aluminum chassis and a smaller hole and pill-shaped cutout for its front-facing camera and sensors, one person with direct knowledge of the matter said. The phone will include Apple’s latest-generation processor, likely called the A19, and could have an improved front camera for video calls and selfies. The screen will measure somewhere between the 6.12-inch diagonal display of the standard iPhone and the 6.69-inch display of the iPhone Pro Max, the person added. The rear cameras could be relocated from the upper-left corner of the phone’s back to the top center as part of the redesign, another person with direct knowledge said.

This new iPhone model is said to be “significantly thinner” than current iPhone models, and may align with a discontinuation of the iPhone Plus line. Though according to The Information, it is expected to be more expensive than the Pro Max model.

The report compares this new iPhone model to 2017’s iPhone X and says it will represent a “major redesign.” The iPhone X famously brought with it a major leap forward for the iPhone, introducing key new tech like Face ID, OLED, thin bezels, the removal of the Home button, and more. It also was priced at what was then a new high point for the iPhone, debuting at $999.

Are we seeing the first signs of an iPhone Ultra, perhaps?

9to5Mac’s Take

Apple has offered four iPhone models for years, but it’s had trouble making all four models successful. This new rumored iPhone potentially pushes the lineup even further into luxury territory, like the iPhone X did when it debuted at a then-shocking $999.

After several models of more iterative year-over-year iPhone updates, this new iPhone could usher in an especially exciting—and expensive—new era for Apple’s best selling device.

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