The yet-unannounced Beats Pill speaker has now made its rounds through the FCC, which means it is about to launch soon. The Beats Pill is a speaker that was discontinued back in 2022 (after seven years of being sold) to only then reappear in various special editions. And now it seems it’s officially coming back.

The evidence of its existence comes from the listing on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website. The database lists reports from FCC testing; however, Apple has requested confidentiality on a lot of the documents. It’s possible that diagrams and technical descriptions are behind that layer of confidentiality.

However, there’s one diagram shown. It’s indicating where the FCC label will go.

Usually, devices are tested with the FCC close to getting launched. Of course, there’s no concrete date that the FCC listing could indicate, but it sure means the device’s launch is imminent.

This return is a big deal for Beats and Apple. Currently, the company is only selling headphones and earbuds. With the speaker being reintroduced, this will broaden Beats’ portfolio and could potentially attract more customers. Having a plethora of different products to sell is never a bad thing, so it’s great that Beats is giving the Pill speaker back to its fans.

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