With Apple Vision Pro sales starting this Friday, the company’s CEO Tim Cook gave an interview for Vanity Fair, where we first see him wearing Apple’s spatial computer. While the story is more about whether Apple Vision Pro will succeed, according to movie directors and Wall Street analysts, the magazine gives a few interesting quotes from the man himself.

“I’ve known for years we would get here. I didn’t know when, but I knew we would arrive here,” Apple’s CEO Tim Cook tells Vanity Fair’s Nick Bilton in his California office about Apple Vision Pro.

This device, which is Apple’s first new product category in ten years, is surrounded by mystery and apprehension as it doesn’t seem to be as easy to sell as the Apple Watch a decade ago. With a starting price of $3,499 and limited sales to the United States, it’s also difficult to expect strong sales when fewer people can afford it.

Announced during the WWDC 2023 keynote, what sets Apple Vision Pro apart is the premium materials and Apple’s ecosystem, which no other company can match. During these past few months, the company has been teasing this spatial computer as an entertainment, productivity, and gaming hub.


Tim Cook pulls back the curtain on Vision Pro and Apple’s future

“You can actually lay on your sofa and put the displays on your ceiling if you wish. I watched the third season of [Ted] Lasso on my ceiling, and it was unbelievable,” said Tim Cook.

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