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There’s been an influx of different Beats information slowly dripping its way into different reports, from Lebron James’ Beats Pill speaker, to sporadic information regarding the rumored over-ear Solo4. Now, however, we’ve got a proper idea of what the latest Beats Solo4 and Solo Buds are going to look like, and when they’re going to come out.

According to Android Headlines, Apple is going to announce two pairs of headphones on April 30. The first is the aforementioned Solo4, a pair of over-ear headphones that forego some of the more premium features of the Beats Studio Pro, and the second is a pair of budget in-ears called the Beats Solo Buds — Beats’ cheapest headphones yet.

If the price is right

Thanks to Android headlines, we have an idea of what the two pairs of headphones are going to look and sound like as well. The Solo4 are going to get Personalised Spatial Audio, with dynamic head tracking and the same ‘UltraPlush’ cushions as the Studio Pro headphones. There’s going to be lossless audio over USB-C as well, also inherited from the more expensive pair. Battery life is going to be the standout feature here, as the Beats Solo4 will reportedly last for 50 hours — likely on account of a lack of noise canceling. They’re likely to cost $199 and will start shipping on May 2 — a rumor corroborated by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman on X.

More Apple retail-related news: At some stores, employees are being asked to fill out surveys after giving Vision Pro demos in a push to close a sale. The Beats Solo 4 are going on sale May 2 and are en-route to Apple stores. 28, 2024

Then there’s the Solo Buds, which are going to be the cheapest pair of headphones that Beats offers, coming in at $79. That’s $49 cheaper than the AirPods 2, if you’re paying attention, and around $100 cheaper than the Beats Studio Buds Plus. Inside the buds, expect to find 18 hours of battery life, as well as one-touch pairing with Android devices. They’ll reportedly be controlled with a pair of buttons on the outside of the buds, just like the Studio Buds, and Apple has apparently built-in Find-My functionality in case you lose one of them or the case. According to the report, they’re also going to come in some wicked colors, including Matte Black, Arctic Purple, Transparent Purple, and Storm Grey. Android Headlines says we can expect these to arrive in June.

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