A newly discovered 2007 patent bears an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s latest innovation, the Vision Pro VR headset.

The patent, discovered by tech enthusiast and 3D artist Ian Zelbo and shared on the X platform, has sparked interest among Apple fans who are astounded by the foresight demonstrated more than a decade ago (via Dexerto).

This is an Apple patent from 2007
Look familiar?

— Ian Zelbo (@ianzelbo) February 1, 2024

2007 Apple Patent Linked to Vision Pro

The $3,499 Apple Vision Pro, announced in June 2023 and launching today, is no ordinary VR headset. What’s catching everyone off guard is the revelation that its roots can be traced back to 2007 when Steve Jobs was at the helm of the tech giant.

The 2007 patent showcases a VR headset with design elements strikingly similar to the Vision Pro, including an external power source, albeit using an iPod instead of a conventional battery.

Unearthed 2007 Patent Reveals Resemblance to Newly Launched Apple Vision Pro
(Photo: Image via Ian Zelbo Twitter)
Unearthed 2007 Patent Reveals Resemblance to Newly Launched Apple Vision Pro

Verifying the Old Apple Patent

Dexerto verified the patent’s authenticity using a 2013 MacRumors report, which confirmed its filing in 2007 and subsequent approval by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent’s description is also intriguing, describing a personal display device capable of adjusting displayed media to overlay theater features, giving users the immersive experience of being in a cinema.

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Apple Fans Express Their Excitement

Apple fans on the X platform are amazed at this unexpected historical connection. User comments reflect a mix of surprise and admiration, with one user stating, “It’s surprising that Apple had been planning this for so long,” while another marvels, “Whoa, that’s incredible! It’s fascinating to see how ideas from 2007 have shaped today’s tech. Truly ahead of its time!”

A humorous touch is added as a user on X jokingly connects the 2007 design to the current lightning connector in the Vision Pro. “That’s why it still has a lightning port and no USB-C. Mystery solved. Thanks. Btw LOL,” they quip.

The debate among Apple enthusiasts extends to speculating whether the Vision Pro is a creation of Steve Jobs rather than Tim Cook. One user suggests, “So it’s safe to say this [Vision Pro] is a Steve Jobs creation, not a Tim Cook product.”

Steve Job’s Vision

Adding more depth to this unexpected revelation is an old interview with Steve Jobs from 2005, where he discusses the possibility of interactive goggles.

Jobs’ foresight is evident as he talks about “headphones for video” and mentions “goggles” as a potential product form. The resurfacing of this interview adds historical context to Apple’s long-term vision in virtual reality.

However, it is essential to note that while the 2007 patent showcases Apple’s forward-thinking ideas, the technology used in the Vision Pro was not available during Steve Jobs’ time as the company’s CEO. This was also pointed out by Zelbo.

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Unearthed 2007 Patent Reveals Remarkable Resemblance to Newly Launched Apple Vision Pro

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