Apple Vision Pro has an M2 processor

Vision Pro has Mac mini’s M2 processor

The processor in Apple Vision Pro appears to have the same configuration as that of the current base Mac mini, according to Mark Gurman.

It was long predicted that the Vision Pro would have a Mac-level processor — initially said to be an M1 variant. Apple has since confirmed that it is in fact an M2 processor, working alongside a new R1 chip, but now Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman believes he knows its exact configuration.

Hearing the M2 chip in the Vision Pro is the higher end variant with 10 GPU cores and 8 CPU cores. Separately, Apple Card Installments will indeed be an option at checkout online and at retail stores.

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) January 14, 2024

The current Mac lineup has models ranging from M1 to M3 processors, but there are three that on the surface appear to match this configuration. One of them is in the base model Mac mini, which retails for $559.

Then there’s the 13-inch MacBook Air which has a $1,399 configuration, and the 15-inch MacBook Air which has this M2 with 8 CPU and 10 GPU cores, for $1,299.

Each of these models comes with 8GB Unified Memory, though, and it’s believed that the Vision Pro will ship with 16GB. These Macs also all come with 256GB SSD storage, in their base models.

Apple has announced that the Vision Pro will also have 256GB storage for its base $3,499 process. Code references, though, suggest that storage options may go up to 1TB.

Vision Pro has Mac mini’s M2 processor

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