It’s now been a bit over a month since the Vision Pro released. I know, right: it has felt like forever! So much has happened since then, yet still: we’re not certain if Apple’s first-gen spatial computer is ready to join the best VR headset rankings.

Partially, because it was never meant to.

Still, that doesn’t mean that it is generally perfect. In fact, despite numerous fans and critics’ appreciation of Apple’s work, there is room for criticism too. It mostly related to how the Vision Pro felt unfinished, as if it had more to give.

And then there was everything related to Personas — your Apple-flavored virtual selves — which just felt odd entirely. Enter stage left: the Vision Pro’s first update to visionOS. While this software update doesn’t take the feature out of Beta, it does bring a notable improvement and, of course: bugs and fixes.

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Do you feel like the Vision Pro lives up to all promises made within this latest ad?

So, what are the most important changes and tweaks, included in visionOS’ first update? I thought you’d never ask:

  • Improved Personas: your virtual Apple avatar should look better now
  • The Vision Pro should be better at capturing details such as hair or makeup for your Persona
  • The spatial computer should now convey your neck and mouth movements more accurately too
  • You can now set up a Persona hands-free
  • While not specifically stated, the above changes also impact EyeSight, since it stems from your Persona
  • It should now be easier to find and connect to a Mac Virtual Display
  • You should be able to take virtual objects closer to your face. Neat!
  • You should also be able to uninstall some of the pre-installed apps.
  • Compatible apps — as in, iPad and iPhone apps installed on the Vision Pro — and containing folders can now get notification dots
  • Improved cursor positioning for text input
  • Mobile Device Management exists now, which basically allows enterprise clients to manage multiple Vision Pro devices
  • Wi-Fii networks with captive portals — those public networks that require sign-in — are now supported
  • And, of course, tons of bugs have been squished

Quite a lot of things for a first update, right? I’m sure that some Apple fans or VR enthusiasts were expecting something major, but hey: this is the first ever update to visionOS. We’ve got the bulk of 2024 ahead of us, so Apple has plenty of time to surprise us.

Speaking of surprises: we know that most of us are waiting for Personas to go out of Beta. Why? Well, right now, Apple avatars are pretty flat: they pop up in an immersive, floating window, but they themselves aren’t 3D or “immersive”, as showcased in Apple’s earlier presentations.

But hey: Apple is clearly listening. The Vision Pro got a lot of flack for its inability to pick up certain details when initially scanning users to create their Personas. Now? The update outright improves these specific things.

This is just version 1.1, people. And I’m pretty hopeful about version 2.0, when the time is right for that.

How to update the Vision Pro?

  1. Open up Settings on your Vision Pro
  2. Navigate to General and tap for Software Update
  3. Make sure that “visionOS Updates” is turned on
  4. Same goes for “Security Responses & System Files”, if you want the device to automatically update itself

There’s also another neat thing you can do. If you set your settings to:

  • Automatically Download turned on
  • Automatically Install turned off

This combo will lead to you having the latest version of visionOS on standby, but you will get to choose when and weather to install it. Cool!

It’s only natural for you to not have this down the first time around. I mean, this is the first ever system update to the Vision Pro. Luckily, Apple had already published a guide, so that I could provide you with the required steps above.

Enjoy your improved Personas! Oh, and fair warning: you’re maybe-probably going to have to do a rescan before you can take advantage of the latest improvements.

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