Adobe is working on a mysterious text-to-video generative AI product that will let users create video clips with nothing but text prompts. If the feature sounds familiar, that’s because Adobe won’t be the first to launch a product like this. OpenAI showed off Sora demos earlier this year, allowing people to create videos using text prompts. Of note, Sora has been trained on actual videos from creators.

It’s too early to say which product will be better. Adobe’s unnamed tool isn’t out, and Sora is still being tested ahead of a wider release. But a report indicates that Adobe might take a better route to devloping a text-to-video service: It’ll actually pay creators to license their clips so they can be used to train the AI model.

According to Adobe documents that Bloomberg saw, Adobe has started purchasing videos for its Sora rival. Adobe is reportedly offering its network of creators $120 for “videos of people engaged in everyday actions such as walking or expressing emotions including joy and anger.”

Adobe also wants anatomy shots of feet, hands, and eyes, the report says. People interacting with objects like smartphones or fitness equipment are also priorities. But Adobe doesn’t want copyrighted content, nuditity, or other potentially offensive material.


Adobe’s offer reportedly works out to about $2.62 per minute for creators. But fees to creators could go up to $7.25 per minute of video that Adobe will use to train its Sora equivalent.

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