When AMD formally introduced its Ryzen 8000G-series accelerated processing units for desktops in early January, the company mentioned that they supported ECC memory capability. Since then, the company has quietly removed mention of the technology from its website, as noted by Reddit users. 

We asked AMD to clarify the situation and were told that the company has indeed removed mentions of ECC technology from the specifications of its Ryzen 3 8300G, Ryzen 5 8500G, Ryzen 5 8600G, and Ryzen 5 8700G. The technology also cannot be enabled on motherboards, so it looks like these processors indeed do not support ECC technology at all.

While it would be nice to have ECC support on AMD’s latest consumer Ryzen 8000G APUs, this is a technology typically reserved for AMD’s Ryzen Pro processors. So it would be an odd move for the company to add it to regular products. That said, expect AMD’s yet-to-be-announced Ryzen Pro 8000G APUs to support ECC, along with other Pro-grade capabilities, such as DASH remote management, AMD Memory Guard DRAM encryption technology, and other AMD Pro advantages.

AMD’s Ryzen 8000G-series lineup includes four models compatible with AM5 platforms. The inexpensive Ryzen 3 8300G and Ryzen 5 8500G use the company’s Phoenix 2 silicon, featuring up to 6 cores (two high-performance Zen 4 and four high-density Zen 4c cores) and equipped with the Radeon 740M graphics processing unit. The more expensive Ryzen 5 8600G and Ryzen 7 8700G employ the more advanced Phoenix silicon, which includes up to eight high-performance Zen 4 cores and come with the superior Radeon 780M GPU. Phoenix-based APUs are designed to deliver greater performance in both general computing and graphical tasks. In addition, the Phoenix platform incorporates a Ryzen AI accelerator to enhance machine learning capabilities. 

While ECC support is not coming to regular AMD Ryzen 8000G-series processors (as it requires validation and appropriate testing), it will certainly be supported by AMD’s Ryzen Pro 8000G-series accelerated processing units, whenever they arrive. For now, it’sd unclear when that will happen, but it is reasonable to expect them to arrive in the coming months. 

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AMD confirms Ryzen 8000G APUs don’t support ECC RAM, despite initial claims | Tom’s Hardware

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