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In a nutshell: AMD is preparing yet another line of Ryzen CPUs based on AM4, further extending the platform’s effective lifecycle. During a recent presentation in China, AMD shared a slide labeled “Attacking Every Price Point” that listed the Ryzen 5000XT. This line has not existed up to this point, but it is not the first time AMD has used the XT suffix.

The AMD Ryzen 3000XT series debuted in mid-2020, and were Zen 2-based chips with slightly higher clock speeds than their base counterparts. Conventional wisdom suggests the 5000XT series will be based on Zen 3 and ship running at a higher frequency compared to original 5000 series chips.

AMD’s teaser was just that, and made no mention of any specific SKUs or hardware specifications. It was also mentioned during an event held in China, which may or may not suggest sales could be limited to that specific region.

The slide additionally references two other new chips: the Ryzen 7 8700F and the Ryzen 5 8400F. Again, no concrete specs were shared, but it is believed the 8700F will feature eight cores and 16 threads while the 8400F could ship with six cores and 12 threads.

– HXL (@9550pro) March 22, 2024

AMD has one other F chip in its stable, the Ryzen 5 7500F, which does not include integrated graphics. If history is any indication, these new F series processors won’t include an iGPU, either.

Further, sources suggest these parts could also be limited to the Chinese market – if not permanently, than initially. Such was the case with the 7500F as it was originally only available in China before expanding to other regions.

AMD Ryzen 5 7500F: The Most Affordable Zen 4 CPU

While not confirmed, the new F series chips could be down-binned processors. In this instance, that could be processors whose integrated graphics did not pass quality control testing but have fully functional CPU cores. Depending on price, they could be a worthwhile option for users that already have a discrete GPU or plan on using one.

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