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ChatGPT has been the most well-known AI chatbot since its release; however, newer chatbots like Anthropic’s Claude 2 have entered the space and even surpassed ChatGPT’s capabilities. Now, Anthropic is adding a paid subscription to its AI chatbot to offer even more advanced capabilities. 

On Thursday, Anthropic released Claude Pro, a paid plan for the chat experience, available in the US and the UK that gives users up to five times more usage than its latest free model, Claude 2

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Along with more usage, Claude Pro will offer users longer conversations, more messaging, priority access to during high-traffic periods, and early access to new features while still leveraging Claude 2’s advanced features. 

Claude Pro will still have usage limits depending on the length of the message, including the length of files attached and the length of the conversation. Users will get a warning before they have ten messages remaining, and the limit resets every eight hours, according to Anthropic. 

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The free version will still be accessible via; it will just have usage and conversation limits, as well as waits during high usage periods. 

Anthropic explains that it needs to have limits in place because Claude 2 requires the use of powerful computers to run, and the limits allow Claude to let new users try out its capabilities for free while also allowing power users to integrate it into their everyday workflow. 

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Claude Pro’s subscription cost is $20 per month, matching the cost of ChatGPT’s subscription plan, ChatGPT Plus

The subscription is available now, and all users must do to subscribe is log into their account, click on their profile in the top right, and then click on the “Upgrade to Pro” option. 

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