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ASUS Teases its Upcoming AI-powered PC – Phandroid

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ASUS Teases its Upcoming AI-powered PC – Phandroid

ASUS recently announced that it will be holding a special launch event for a new product, which according to the company is its first new-era “ASUS AI PC.” The launch event will supposedly feature a collaboration between ASUS, Qualcomm and Microsoft, and will be held on May 20, 2024, at 08:00 p.m. GMT. As per ASUS’ official announcement:

The new laptop will usher in a new era of ASUS AI PCs, breaking traditional boundaries and harnessing advanced AI capabilities. With comprehensive support for the latest AI functionality from ASUS and Microsoft, it offers personalized AI experiences tailored to individual requirements.

Given the focus on AI as well as having Qualcomm up on stage at the event, we might most likely see one of the first-ever Windows devices to run on the Snapdragon X series of SoCs, which Qualcomm has been teasing for quite some time now with the Snapdragon X Plus and X Elite.

ASUS adds that attendees will have a chance to see its new device lineup at Computex 2024, which will be held in Taipei. Going back to the announcement however, not much else was mentioned in the post, although we’re bound to know more once ASUS unveils its latest hardware on stage.

Source: ASUS

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