One advantage of ChatGPT over the competition is that it lets you create custom GPTs for just about anything. OpenAI has big plans for custom GPTs, considering that it has a storefront for them. In reality, custom GPTs haven’t really taken off, and that might be because they’re restricted to ChatGPT Plus, the premium ChatGPT subscription that costs $20 per month.

Microsoft, whose Copilot AI integrates ChatGPT functionality, also seems to think that custom GPTs could become a thing. The company has quietly rolled out the feature to Copilot Pro users. But just like ChatGPT Plus, you have to pay a $20/month fee for access to Copilot Pro.

Copilot Pro gives you access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo. It also lets you use the AI chatbot in Microsoft 365 apps. Plus, you can create significantly more images with Designer than you can with the free version of Copilot.

1. Create a Copilot GPT

→ Visit copilot .microsoft .com

→ Click on “See all Copilot GPTs” on the right

→ Then select “Create a new Copilot GPT”


You need a Copilot Pro account to create Copilot GPTs, BUT…

Anyone can use a GPT even with a free account!

— Paul Couvert (@itsPaulAi) March 9, 2024

Custom GPTs were added to the premium version of Copilot a few days ago, as seen in the screenshot and video above.


A new My Custom Copilot tab is available to Copilot Pro users, which lets them create custom GPTs. I’m not a subscriber of Copilot Pro, but I do pay for ChatGPT Plus. The custom GPT feature is one of the main things that got me to finally pull the trigger and get a subscription to OpenAI’s chatbot.

Sadly, the custom ChatGPT experience turned out to be less exciting than I thought. And while I got ChatGPT Plus for the custom chatbots, I actually stayed for access to GPT-4 as well as the new ChatGPT features that will roll out first to premium subscribers.

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