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G.Skill has revealed new DDR5 RAM kits at Computex 2024 and these are insanely speedy memory modules – in fact, the faster ever, hitting a 10,600MT/s transfer rate.

Starting with the DDR5-10600 32GB kit, dubbed “Extreme memory on air,” this configuration was able to hit that staggering speed when paired with an AMD Ryzen 8500G APU and Asus ROG Crosshair X670E Gene motherboard. As noted, that’s as fast as we’ve seen from the tech, blowing DDR5-8000 well out of the water. 

The timings are equally impressive with this setup reading CL56-62-62-126. Considering the dual-channel 16GB configuration, that’s lightning fast and has yet to be beaten, or even attempted by any other RAM manufacturer as far as we’re aware. An equally impressive point here is the fact that the CPU of choice is fairly mid-range.

As well as an ultra-high-frequency configuration, G.Skill also showcased a superfast low-latency setup as well. DDR5-9000 CL38 hit timings of CL38-52-52-143 and is available in a 48GB capacity (2x 24GB). This demonstration was conducted with an Intel Core i9-14900K CPU and an Asus Maximus Z790 Apex Encore motherboard. 

There were also innovations aired with overclocking on CAMM2 (Compression Attached Memory Module) sticks. These are essentially dual-channel configurations packed into a single stick of RAM and the speeds are impressive. G.Skill showed a DDR5-7800 CL3 48GB kit with overclocked timings of 36-48-48-128 which is encouraging for the format. 

Manufacturers are learning how to push DDR5 RAM

DDR5 RAM has been around for about four years and is now exclusively adopted by AMD for its AM5 socket with Ryzen 7000, 8000, and the upcoming 9000 processor range. Intel has also supported this newer, faster memory standard (that supersedes  DDR4) since Alder Lake in 2021. However, we’ve only seen speeds start to exceed expectations in the last 12 months or so. 

When DDR5 was originally unveiled and early adopters joined the fray, you were commonly seeing kits of DDR5-6000. Recently, AMD announced new X870 and X870E motherboards for the Ryzen 9000 series with greater RAM speed support when utilizing EXPO. It’s more common now to see DDR5-8000 kits, but we’ve now made it to a point where DDR5-10000 is a reality. 

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For those seeking extreme performance with overclocking, G.Skill seems to have you covered. Arguably more impressive than the dual-channel demonstrations is the new CAMM2 coming to desktops. This manufacturer is far from the only one in this space, as Kingston and Geil are also gunning for the top spot, too. MSI has also revealed a motherboard concept with CAMM2 support, but it’s still early days for this RAM on the desktop (and how this might pan out). 

This is just a taste of what’s been revealed at Computex 2024 so far. There’s still time for new and exciting tech innovations to come, and our hub has all you need to know. 

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