Google Gemini Pro vs OpenAI ChatGPT-4 AI models compared

Since its unveiling late last year and its subsequent availability now in Google Bard the latest AI model from Google in the form of Gemini Pro  is a main competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT providing very similar multimodal large language model (LLM) features. If you are interested in learning a little more about the basic differences between Google Gemini Pro vs OpenAI ChatGPT-4 and how they compare this quick overview guide will provide more insight.

One of the main differences is that Google has made Gemini Pro  available for free using its Google Bard online chat interface. APIs are also available for both making it easy for developers to quickly add AI capabilities to their existing applications or create completely new ones harnessing the power of the latest AI models from Google and OpenAI. check out the comparisons below for more insight and overview onto the main differences between the two AI models which are now fully available thanks to Google launching Gemini Pro the middle of December 2023 providing access to its Gemini Pro API.

For those deeply involved in the coding sector, the integration of AI into their work is becoming increasingly relevant. Gemini Pro and ChatGPT-4 are not merely tools for generating code; they are enabling the development of complex applications, such as React forms, which are essential in modern web development. To understand their capabilities, a comparative test was conducted, pitting the two AIs against each other in generating coding interview questions and constructing a React form. The results provided valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each model.

As shown in the demonstration video above despite some controversy at launch, Google’s Gemini Pro AI model demonstrated a remarkable ability to create relevant and challenging interview questions, a testament to its sophisticated design. On the other hand, ChatGPT-4 excelled in the creation of a React form, adhering to industry best practices and showing a deep understanding of the framework. When comparing the two, it’s clear that while Gemini Pro may have the upper hand in certain scenarios, both AI tools have their own unique advantages.

Both Gemini Pro and ChatGPT-4 are cutting-edge large language models (LLMs) pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities.  The choice between Gemini Pro and ChatGPT-4 often comes down to personal preference and familiarity with the platforms. Some users may prefer the intuitive interface of Gemini Pro, while others may appreciate the extensive content creation capabilities of ChatGPT-4. The decision is not straightforward and depends on the specific needs and comfort level of the user. Let’s delve into their key differences to help you choose more effectively or simply use both depending on your needs at the time :

  • Gemini Pro: Multimodal understanding and generation. This means it seamlessly handles not just text, but also images, code, audio, and video. Ideal for tasks requiring multi-sensory analysis or creation.
  • ChatGPT-4: Text-based communication and generation. Excels in creative writing, translation, dialogue, and generating different writing styles. Perfect for text-heavy projects.


  • Gemini Pro:
    • Multimodal integration: Processes and creates across different data types, opening doors for innovative applications.
    • Reasoning and factual accuracy: Performs exceptionally well on reasoning and factual accuracy benchmarks, exceeding human experts in some cases.
    • Coding abilities: Shows strong potential in code generation and understanding, helpful for developers.
  • ChatGPT-4:
    • Creativity and engagement: Generates highly captivating and original text, engaging in compelling conversations and narratives.
    • Open-ended prompts: Handles open-ended questions and prompts well, leading to interesting and insightful responses.
    • Accessibility: ChatGPT-4 has a publicly available free tier, making it more accessible to explore its capabilities.


  • Gemini Pro:
    • Limited release: Currently in closed beta, limiting access and hindering widespread testing.
    • Newer model: As a newly released model, its full potential is still being explored, and unforeseen drawbacks could emerge.
    • Multimodal learning curve: Working with various data types may require additional user training compared to purely text-based models.
  • ChatGPT-4:
    • Factual accuracy concerns: Has been criticized for occasional factual inaccuracies and biases, demanding user caution.
    • Limited multimodality: Primarily text-focused, lacking the flexibility of Gemini Pro’s cross-modal understanding.
    • Limited access to full capabilities: The most advanced GPT-4 features are restricted to paid tiers, increasing costs.

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Choosing between Gemini Pro and ChatGPT-4 depends on your needs:

  • Multimodality is crucial: Choose Gemini Pro for tasks involving images, code, audio, or video, or for projects requiring advanced reasoning and factual accuracy.
  • Text-based focus: Opt for ChatGPT-4 for creative writing, engaging dialogues, and accessibility to text-related features.

Ultimately, both models represent the forefront of AI advancements. Each brings unique strengths and weaknesses to the table, making the ideal choice dependent on your specific goals and resources.

Additional Considerations:

  • Cost: Both models have different pricing structures, with ChatGPT-4 offering a free tier and Gemini Pro currently in closed beta with limited access.
  • Evolving landscape: Both LLMs are continuously being updated and improved, so staying informed about their latest developments is crucial.

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The emergence of these AI models marks a pivotal moment for those in coding professions. As AI continues to mature, the demand for certain coding skills is likely to shift. While routine coding tasks may become automated, the need for creative problem-solving is expected to increase. Coders will need to adapt by learning to leverage AI to enhance their efficiency and drive innovation within their work.

AI’s integration into coding practices is becoming an inevitable part of the profession. Whether it involves creating interview questions, developing a React form, or addressing various coding challenges, AI tools like Gemini Pro and ChatGPT-4 offer substantial benefits. Staying informed about the latest developments in AI and maintaining a flexible approach to these changes will be crucial for coders as they navigate the changing landscape of their industry.

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Google Gemini Pro vs OpenAI ChatGPT-4 AI models compared

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