SiSoftware Sandra benchmark results for Intel’s upcoming Arrow Lake desktop and Lunar Lake laptop CPUs have been discovered by PC part leaker @momomo_us on X (formerly Twitter). Unfortunately, these tests were run only on the CPUs’ integrated graphics, and didn’t include any results for the CPU cores. The existence of these leaked benchmarks implies that Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake are on the way, and may reveal some key specifications.

The Arrow Lake results are particularly interesting since it’s the first time this CPU (which is an Arrow Lake-S model for the desktop) has been seen in the wild. Unfortunately, since only its integrated GPU was tested, we don’t know anything about the performance or specifications of the CPU cores. However, SiSoftware Sandra does say the iGPU has 64 cores, by which it means it has 64 execution units, or eight Xe cores.

An integrated GPU with just eight Xe cores means this particular Arrow Lake chip doesn’t have the top-end GPU tile found in Meteor Lake-H CPUs, but rather the smaller one in Meteor Lake-U processors, which has up to eight Xe cores. Or instead, Arrow Lake may use an updated version of Meteor Lake-U’s iGPU that includes XMX cores, as one rumor suggests. Whether Arrow Lake is only limited to the smaller iGPU is unclear, though it wouldn’t be surprising if it did considering integrated graphics aren’t a top priority on the desktop.

Another interesting detail the Arrow Lake result reveals is the testing platform. It seems whoever benchmarked this CPU did it using an EVCRB motherboard made for unreleased Meteor Lake-S desktop CPUs. Meteor Lake-S and Arrow Lake-S were supposed to share the LGA 1851 socket, but with Meteor Lake-S getting canceled in favor of Raptor Lake, Arrow Lake will be the socket’s first (and hopefully not only) processor.

The Lunar Lake benchmark also reports an integrated GPU with eight Xe cores, though we are pretty confident that this iGPU is actually based on second-generation Arc Battlemage. The core count may imply Lunar Lake will take over from Meteor Lake-U CPUs, though it’s hard to say. A different Lunar Lake leak on SiSoftware Sandra revealed the chip has eight CPU cores, which is lower than Meteor Lake-U’s 10.

Both Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake are confirmed to debut later this year, which is presumably why we’re seeing these early benchmarks now. Unfortunately, there’s not too much to glean from these particular results, but it probably won’t be long until we see some data that’s more useful and concrete.

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Intel Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake CPUs emerge on benchmark database, but there’s only details about the graphics | Tom’s Hardware

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