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An MSI overclocker has alleged that the upcoming Intel Arrow Lake processor could be coming as early as Q3 2024 which would be significantly ahead of what we’ve previously thought. 

As reported by KitGuru, an MSI overclocker named Toppc has dropped hints about the MSI Dragon Event in Wuhan, China which is rumored to feature information on the “next” platform which is heavily speculated to be the socket LGA 1851 desktop processors – Arrow Lake-S (via Chiphell).

Previously, it’s been rumored that we would not see Intel Arrow Lake until 2025 so the news that the chipset generation could be coming in just a few months is certainly welcome news. This source also corroborates that the Core Ultra 9, Core Ultra 7, and Core Ultra 5 models will be exclusive to DDR5 RAM, as with AMD‘s AM5 socket. 

In terms of what we can expect from the Intel Core Ultra 200 lineup, the flagship of the next-gen CPU generation is believed to be the Ultra 9 285K. According to Wccftech, it’s alleged that this top-end chipset will top out at 5.5 GHz which is down significantly from the 6 GHz of the Intel Core i9-14900K and the 6.2 GHz of the 14900KS. 

For reference, that’s the same out-of-the-box speed as the Alder Lake flagship model, the 12900KS, which debuted over three years ago. With changes in architecture, going from socket 1700 (Hybrid) over to socket 1851 (Disaggregated), it seems as though Intel is prioritizing efficiency over raw power with its upcoming CPU generation. 

A Q3 release date is possible, but unlikely

Q3 2024 is between July and September which means Intel Arrow Lake could debut anywhere from two to three months from now. Considering the rumors circulating pointing at an end-of-year or early 2025 release date, we’re leaning more towards a later rather than sooner release date, but the K variants could come first. 

Toppc has been on the money with leaks and rumors in the past, most notably with the pre-release information surrounding socket AM5 AMD CPUs in 2022 (via Chiphell). That lends credence to the fact we may not be waiting as long, as MSI’s internal events could suggest an earlier release, but we aren’t convinced of a summer release date at this time. 

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It’s fair to say that things have been turbulent for Arrow Lake. Recently, the pre-release silicon has been available for sale illegally in China. Engineering samples are being sold for as little as $14, however, even if the hardware is in the fabrication process that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be ready for prime time within the next three months. We’ll be keeping you updated on all things Arrow Lake as they happen.

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