Lamptron (via Caseking) has launched the ST060, a dual-tower CPU air cooler that has the qualities to compete against the best CPU coolers. One of the ST060’s selling points is the onboard six-inch Full HD screen that lets you monitor your system’s vitals or use it as a second display.

The ST060 is a towering CPU cooler that measures 5.04 x 6.02 x 6.61 inches (128 x 153 x 168 mm), rivaling other big CPU air coolers, such as the Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE or the DeepCool Assassin IV. Like most high-end CPU air coolers, the ST060 features a dual-tower design. According to Lamptron, the ST060 can dissipate up to 260W of heat, sufficiently cooling the best CPUs on the market. While the ST060 is compatible with multiple Intel sockets (LGA1366, LGA1200, LGA115x, LGA1700, and LGA2011), the cooler only supports AMD’s AM4 socket despite it sharing the exact dimensions with the latest AM5 socket.

Design-wise, the usual nickel-plated copper base plate pulls the heat away from the processor towards the dual heatsinks. Six 6mm heat pipes serve as highways for the heat to get to the heatsinks. Afterward, two 120mm non-RGB cooling fans are in charge of dissipating the heat. Lamptron rates the 120mm cooling fans with a maximum air pressure of 2.05 mmH2O at 35.3 dBA. What’s important to highlight is that there is only 36mm of clearance space for memory modules — taller memory modules will force you to remove the front fan.

Lamptron ST060

Lamptron ST060(Image credit: Caseking)

The integrated six-inch LCD screen resides horizontally on top of the ST060 so you can see it through your case’s side window. It features a resolution of 1920×1080, but Lamptron didn’t share the screen’s refresh rate. The ST060 features full AIDA64 integration, and Lamptron even generously provides a license for the software. Besides system monitoring, you can also use the screen as a secondary display.

However, the screen does require two cables to function correctly — it communicates with your system using a standard USB Type-A port and an HDMI port. Lamptron provides the necessary mini USB to USB and HDMI cables. A USB pen drive loaded with the necessary software and instructions comes with the cooler.

Lamptron offers the ST060 in three flavors: the standard variant (LAMP-ST060), an ARGB variant with black fans (LAMP-ST060AB), and an ARGB variant with white fans (LAMP-ST060AW). In addition to the fans being different, the ARGB versions have a silver heatsink as opposed to the black heatsink on the regular version.

German retailer Caseking sells the Lamptron ST060 for around $273, excluding VAT (value-added tax). The ARGB model with black fans seems to retail for the same price, so it really just comes down to preference. 

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Lamptron’s new CPU cooler has a screen as big as the iPhone 15 — ST060 sports a six-inch LCD with a 1920×1080 resolution that functions as a second display

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