AMD’s upcoming Zen 5 Epyc CPUs, codenamed Turin, have previously been confirmed to occupy the same SP5 socket as their Zen 4 predecessors while having 192 cores— but now, a leaked motherboard spec listing  from renowned leaker @momomo_us on X / Twitter, has revealed yet more details. Since these CPUs were previously slated for a 2024 release, this spec leak could point towards an upcoming official announcement. As ever with leaks, take the news with a pinch of salt until an official announcement is made.

The leaked motherboard spec listing describes a Socket SP5 board that supports DDR5 speeds of up to 6000 MT/s with 4 TB of RAM, but only with a Turin CPU inserted. Without Turin, it seems that board’s limit is 4800 MT/s— or as low as 3600 MT/s, which is characteristic with Zen 4’s RAM limitations at 4 DIMMs.

The motherboard is also listed as having a maximum CPU TDP of 400 Watts. Zen 5 Epyc CPUs are supposed to support up to 500 Watts, and have even been rumored to go as high as 600 Watts. This is either an error of the listing or a legitimate compatibility issue with the motherboard, though 400 Watts would be in character with high-end Zen 4 SP5 motherboards.

Besides the memory spec, it’s also worth noting that the last-gen Zen 4 CPUs peaked at 96 lanes of PCIe 5.0, as opposed to the claimed maximum of 120 PCIe 5.0 lanes with this motherboard. While some slots are specced differently than others, these specs still suggest an overall 20% improvement in PCIe lane support on Zen 5 Turin, not just faster RAM.

In any case, we should have some more solid information on Zen 5 Epyc “Turin” CPUs and boards sooner rather than later. Previously, AMD’s roadmap pointed toward Turin’s release later this year in 2024, and we’re already at the tail end of Q1 with no official release date announcement. As of September 2023, AMD also completed its Zen 4c CPU lineup, which means Zen 5 should be the imminent next release on both desktop and server platforms, now. Even Linux is getting Zen 5 patches!

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