• ChatGPT app can now read its responses aloud in various voices and languages
  • Improves accessibility for visually impaired users and potentially makes interactions more engaging for everyone
  • This is part of a larger trend of AI assistants becoming more sophisticated and integrated into smartphones

Last year, OpenAI dropped the ChatGPT app, making chatting with the AI-powered bot on smartphones a breeze. It’s been getting cool updates since, and we even hinted at a possible ChatGPT widget for Android. Well, now there’s more. OpenAI just released a Read Aloud feature for the ChatGPT app on both iOS and Android devices.

ChatGPT can now read responses to you.

On iOS or Android, tap and hold the message and then tap “Read Aloud”. We’ve also started rolling on web – click the “Read Aloud” button below the message.

— OpenAI (@OpenAI) March 4, 2024

Now, you can have the chatbot read out responses in one of five voice options. To use it, tap and hold the chat bot’s text response, then hit “Read Aloud.” Play, pause, or rewind as needed. This feature is also available on the web version of ChatGPT. It levels up voice-based interaction, adding to the Voice Chat feature introduced last year, letting you talk to the bot instead of typing.

According to MacRumors, Read Aloud supports 37 languages and can automatically detect the language it is reading. OpenAI’s aim? Boost accessibility for users with visual impairments or reading challenges and amp up engagement by personalizing interactions and aiding language learning.

ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, has been a major player in the AI space, directly competing with Google’s Gemini. Speaking of which, Google just launched its standalone Gemini app, exclusive to Android for now.

AI is making waves in the mobile industry, with many smartphone makers jumping on the bandwagon. Google was the trailblazer, bringing AI into its latest Pixel 8 series. Samsung quickly followed suit, introducing Galaxy AI with its latest flagship Galaxy S24 series. Rumors are swirling that Apple is gearing up to integrate AI into its upcoming iPhone 16 series.

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