In the spring of last year, Microsoft announced plans to discontinue production of its branded keyboards, mice, and other PC accessories to fully focus on Surface products.

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While the company is more well-known by consumers for its Windows and Xbox products, Microsoft’s computer peripherals still had quite a few devoted fans, especially of its ergonomic keyboards — fans that were no doubt dismayed at the thought of losing their favorite keyboard or mouse. 

But, it appears those fans are in luck as Microsoft’s products will now live on – under another name. 

Incase, a company known primarily for protective bags, cases, and sleeves, will take over production of some of Microsoft’s best-selling products like the Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard, Modern Mobile Mouse, Wireless Desktop 850, and Modern Webcam. The products will take on a hybrid name of sorts, being branded as “Incase Designed by Microsoft.”

This marks the first time Incase will make computer accessories.

In addition to retaining some fan favorites, the company also announced plans to design new products under the same designation. Twenty-three products will be carried over, including the Sculpt keyboard and mouse, the Wireless Comfort keyboard and mouse, the Modern Mobile Headset, and the Modern Webcam.

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The licensing deal includes not only the product names, but the manufacturing components as well, meaning they should remain unchanged from their previous versions. 

Exact pricing hasn’t been announced, but in a press release about the partnership, Marshall Clark, a general manager at Onward (the company that owns Incase) said the portfolio of products would begin to transition immediately, and that consumers should find their favorite products back on shelves as early as the second quarter of 2024.

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Microsoft-branded accessories – like the Sculpt keyboard – are coming back

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