The Minisforum V3 tablet is the latest Ryzen 7 Hawk Point-powered PC to join the market. This time, it breaks from Minisforum’s usual Mini PC flair in favor of the 3-in-1 tablet form factor popularized by Microsoft Surface and Lenovo Yoga tablet PCs. The Minisforum V3 has a 14-inch screen that can operate in a standard handheld tablet mode, a solo kickstand, and an included magnetic attachable keyboard for more laptop-typical use.

Most of the Minisforum V3’s specs are somewhat standard for Ryzen 7 8840U devices, but there are some highlights here. 

The 8-core,16-thread Ryzen 7 8840U has been paired with a 2560 x 1600 16:10 IPS screen that runs at 165 Hz and has a reported 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. Combined with the unique form factor, this should make this device particularly compelling for professionals on the go, especially after some manual calibration is done for color accuracy and not just gamut coverage. The screen is rated for 500 nits, which is a bit brighter than some other laptops.

According to Minisforum, the cooling system should enable the Ryzen 7 8840U and its onboard Radeon 780M iGPU (RDNA3 with 12 Compute Units; AMD’s current best iGPU) to run at a stable 28 watts at all times. 

This means that this laptop’s performance should be on par with the ROG Ally Z1 Extreme when plugged into a wall — or likely better, considering the Minisforum V3’s default configuration includes 32 GB of DDR5-6400 MT/s RAM. 

Besides core performance aspects, the rest of the device is most likely what you’d expect. The AI bandwagon is in full force, so there is touted “Ryzen AI” support and a dedicated Copilot key. Your enthusiasm about these particular features may vary, but they are present if your workflow has any use for them.

In any case, the Minisforum V3 does look like a nice Windows 3-in-1 tablet, with decent internal specs and features like quad speakers, display-in support for other devices, and full DCI-P3 coverage being a particular highlight. The official listing starts at $1,199 on Minisforum’s site and includes 32 GB of DRR5-6400 MT/s RAM alongside a 1 TB NVMe Gen 4 drive.

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This tablet is recommended firmly for people who can leverage its form factor and high color gamut coverage. The lack of a dedicated GPU in this price range hurts the pure-gaming value argument too much for anyone else. Performance-per-dollar-minded consumers should likely consult our list of the Best Gaming Laptops or the Premium Laptop roundup for other high-end tastes.

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