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Nvidia’s RTX 4080 Super graphics card has dipped somewhat below the $1,000 mark as some price reductions have kicked in at major retailers in the US (with similar reductions happening in the UK, too).

As you may recall, the RTX 4080 Super – which is one of the picks on our best GPU list (for 4K gaming) – has only been on shelves for four months, so it’s good to see that the GPU has sunk below the MSRP which is officially $999.99 in the US.

That’s for the Founders Edition, of course, and third-party models can get a fair bit pricier – but not at the moment on Newegg.

VideoCardz noticed that PNY’s Verto model of the GeForce RTX 4080 Super has been reduced to $970 at Newegg, although note that you have to apply a $20 discount code at checkout to get that price (and this is a limited offer, so first-come, first-served).

We also noticed that Zotac’s Gaming RTX 4080 Super Trinity OC has a hefty $80 off with a discount code, and that takes this version of the card down to $990. This is a performant model with a well-rated cooling solution, so you may want to consider it as a good alternative to the PNY graphics card, even if it is a little pricier.

As we mentioned at the outset, in the UK, there are some price cuts in evidence too – Overclockers has Palit and Gainward RTX 4080 Super models for £950, around 5% off – and therefore it’s possible you might witness some movement for discounts in other regions as well.

Analysis: Smart money is on the waiting game?

As VideoCardz notes, we have seen reductions on the RTX 4080 Super before now, but not from major retailers like Newegg in the US (rather, from the likes of Dell). So, these kinds of discounts are without doubt a welcome sight, particularly seeing as this refreshed graphics card has not been on the scene all that long.

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Should you be tempted by this kind of pricing, though? The obvious thought is maybe not, as there’s a reason Nvidia and its card-making partners might be looking at ensuring the RTX 4080 Super seems more attractive – mainly because the next-gen GPUs from Team Green are on the horizon.

Indeed, in theory, we could see the RTX 5080 emerge first out of the next-gen Blackwell graphics cards, and there have even been whispers of a late Q3 launch – meaning the 5080 could debut in September perhaps (though Q4 is far more likely, we should stress).

And if the RTX 5080 is not that far off, it doesn’t make much sense to splash out on an RTX 4080 variant right now. Not when price reductions are going to slash the price of the 4080 Super down further as news of the RTX 5080 being inbound begins to take hold more firmly (assuming that’s the case).

Perhaps the smart money is on playing a waiting game, then, but to argue the other side of the coin – we don’t know for sure the RTX 5080 is arriving this year (maybe it’ll be the RTX 5090 only, as originally rumored – who knows). Even if the RTX 5080 GPU does emerge, who’s to say it might not be thin on stock, and exorbitantly expensive (especially if scalpers come into play).

On balance, we still feel the waiting game is the best idea, for now – but that said, we wouldn’t blame you for picking up an RTX 4080 Super at this price. If Blackwell rumors prove off the mark, and you need a good gaming graphics card to cope with 4K for the rest of 2024 (and indeed beyond), it could be worth taking the plunge – as the 4080 Super is a great performer, even at its MSRP.

The other choice, of course, is to go to the Red side of the GPU world and pick up a higher-end AMD graphics card – which are currently getting some seriously good discounts, too. However, the same is true for Team Red in terms of the next-gen offerings, with RDNA 4 in this case being on the horizon.

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