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The Nvidia GeForce RTX 5090 has long since been a hot topic in the tech rumor mill as possibly the best graphics card in the future market, with the latest ones revealing even more information about its memory specifications.

According to well-known and reliable Twitter hardware leaker Kopite7kimi, the RTX 5090 will feature a 512-bit memory bus that is 33% wider than the one on Nvidia’s RTX 4090. This would allow for higher levels of memory bandwidth and increased GPU memory capabilities. It could even have 32GB of VRAM thanks to its two 16GB GDDR modules.

There’s also a report that the RTX 5090 will have 28Gbps GDDR7 memory modules, 33% faster than the 21Gbps memory modules in the RTX 4090. But what’s most impressive is the memory bandwidth for the alleged card, an apparent 77% boost compared to the 4090 that would give it 1,800 GB/s of memory bandwidth. This checks out with a previous rumor stating that the card would be up to 70% faster than the 4090.

If this RTX 5090 turns out to be true, the specs would be absolutely mind-blowing and would nearly justify what would certainly be a massive price hike compared to current-gen Nvidia cards.

The RTX 5090 could be in trouble

What’s interesting is that other memory producers have been promoting 32Gbps GDDR7 modules, meaning that if these rumors are true then Nvidia is purposefully slowing down the graphics cards to reduce costs and increase yields. But thanks to the Super series refresh of Nvidia cards, we could possibly see an updated version without these restrictions.

However, there seems to be one major caveat, which is the release date. It seems that Nvidia’s 5090 will be released in 2025, meaning that the rumored Nvidia RTX 4090 Super and RTX Titan would have to keep Team Green’s lead until then. A prospect made much more difficult by AMD.

Team Red is prepping its own comeback with the mid-range RDNA 4 graphics cards, which are shaping up to be Nvidia RTX 4080 and 4060 Ti killers. Of course, it’s possible for it to also be released in 2025, but if it comes out before Team Green’s RTX 5000-series then Team Red will still have a major advantage.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but regardless we’re sure to have some great competition in the graphics cards market.

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