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Nvidia has unveiled new GPUs that it says will be able to bring the power of generative AI to a wider audience than ever before.

The new Nvidia RTX A400 and A1000 GPUs will give creatives and professionals alike access to some of the most useful AI tools in their fields, without demanding huge amounts of computing power and resources as is currently the case.

Built on the company’s Ampere architecture, the new GPUs will bring tools such as real-time ray tracing to a wider array of desktops and workstations, allowing generative AI tools to reach a bigger audience.

AI for all

“AI integration across design and productivity applications is becoming the new standard, fueling demand for advanced computing performance,” Nvidia’s senior product marketing manager for enterprise platforms Stacy Ozorio noted in a blog post announcing the launch.

“This means professionals and creatives will need to tap into increased compute power, regardless of the scale, complexity or scope of their projects.”

The RTX A400 includes 24 Tensor Cores for AI processing, taking it far beyond traditional CPU-based machines, which Nvidia says allows for running cutting-edge AI services such as chatbots and copilots directly on the desktop.

In a first for the RTX 400 series, the A400 also includes four display outputs, making it a good fit in industries such as retail, transportation and financial services, which can benefit from high-density display environments showing off detailed 3D renders.

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The A1000 is the first in the RTX 1000 series to bring Tensor Cores and RT Cores to users, allowing them to utilize ray-tracing performance and accelerated AI tools, while boasting a sleek, single-slot design that consumes just 50W of power.

With the power of 72 Tensor Cores, it offers 3x faster generative AI processing for tools like Stable Diffusion over the previous generation, as well as faster video processing, with its 18 RT Cores speeding up graphics and rendering tasks by up to 3x, making it ideal for tasks such as 4K video editing, CAD and architectural designs.

“These new GPUs empower users with cutting-edge AI, graphics and compute capabilities to boost productivity and unlock creative possibilities,” Ozorio added. “Advanced workflows involving ray-traced renders and AI are now within reach, allowing professionals to push the boundaries of their work and achieve stunning levels of realism.”

The A1000 GPU is available now, with the A400 set to go on sale later in the summer of 2024.

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