OneXPlayer X1 Intel Core Ultra 10.95-inch handheld games console

The OneXPlayer X1 is a new player in the realm of portable computing, offering a unique blend of power and versatility that caters to the needs of both gamers and professionals alike. This handheld games console is a marvel of modern technology, boasting the ability to transform from a handheld gaming console to a tablet, and then to a fully functional laptop. It’s an all-in-one solution for those who demand desktop-level performance in a form factor that can keep up with their on-the-go lifestyle.

Intel Core Ultra

At the heart of the OneXPlayer X1 handheld console lies the latest Intel Core Ultra Series CPUs, which include powerhouse options like the Core Ultra 7 155h and Core Ultra 5 135h. These processors are designed to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease, ensuring that whether you’re immersed in the latest video game or crunching numbers for work, you won’t experience any lag or slowdown. Complementing the CPU is a cutting-edge Arc GPU equipped with a turbo mode, setting a new standard for graphics capabilities in handheld devices.

The ONEXPLAYER X1 doesn’t just impress with its internal specs; it also pays close attention to the finer details. Users will appreciate the detachable controllers that come with customizable RGB lighting and the option to add a wireless module for even greater flexibility. A state-of-the-art cooling system keeps the device running smoothly under pressure, while Harmon-tuned stereo speakers deliver an audio experience that draws you into the action. For those concerned about security, the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor ensures that your personal data remains safe and secure.

The OneXPlayer X1 handheld games console is now available to back via Indiegogo and is priced at £840 or $1069 offering a 15% saving off the recommended retail price  for the 32 GB RAM  and 2 TB of storage version complete with Ultra 7-155H processor.

Handheld games console

When it comes to connecting with other devices, the ONEXPLAYER X1 makes it a breeze. It features an Oculink port that enables external PCIe connections, offering faster speeds than USB4 and Thunderbolt. Storage is ample and swift, thanks to the 1 TB M.2 SSD and 32 GB of LPDDR5X RAM. The display is a thing of beauty, with a 120Hz LTPS screen that provides crisp and fluid visuals, whether you’re gaming or streaming your favorite shows.

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Designed to keep up with the demands of a busy lifestyle, the OneXPlayer X1 is equipped with a 65.02Wh battery that supports 100W fast charging, reducing the time you spend tethered to an outlet. It runs on the familiar and user-friendly Windows 11 operating system, making it easy to jump right into work or play. The device also includes USB 3.2 Gen 2 and USB 4 ports, and it even offers the possibility to connect an external GPU, which can take its performance to new heights.

The OneXPlayer X1 is particularly appealing to gamers, as it allows for the customization of settings to optimize the gaming experience. However, it’s not just a gaming device; it’s also a versatile tool for professionals, adapting effortlessly to various work scenarios.

This handheld device stands out as an excellent choice for anyone in search of a high-performance, flexible computing solution. Its expansive 10.95-inch screen, innovative 3-in-1 design, and detachable controllers provide a level of adaptability that is hard to find elsewhere.

With its robust Intel Core Ultra CPUs and turbo-charged Arc GPU, the OneXPlayer X1 is equipped to handle the most demanding applications. Coupled with its advanced cooling system, high-quality audio, and robust security features, this device is the perfect companion for those who want to game or work efficiently while on the move.

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OneXPlayer X1 Intel Core Ultra 10.95-inch handheld games console

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