OpenAI GPT Store opening soon

Our lives and artificial intelligence sector is on the edge of an exciting new chapter with the impending launch of OpenAI’s GPT Store. OpenAI has been sending out emails saying that the  highly anticipated GPT store will be opening next week. This innovative platform is poised to become a central hub for applications driven by Generative Pre-trained Transformers, or GPTs. As developers and tech enthusiasts eagerly anticipate its arrival, it’s crucial to understand the preparations needed to ensure your GPT applications are not only compliant but also stand out in what promises to be a bustling marketplace.

The exact date of the GPT Store’s launch is shrouded in secrecy, but it’s expected to go live within the next week. This tight timeframe means that developers must act swiftly to get their applications in order. OpenAI has recently updated its brand guidelines, which now prohibit the use of “GPT” in application titles. Additionally, titles should avoid any resemblance to file names, trademarks, or the names of public figures, and should not contain profanity or reference sensitive topics.

The imminent launch of the OpenAI GPT Store represents a significant opportunity for developers to showcase their innovative AI-driven applications. By adhering to the new brand guidelines, naming functions clearly, understanding and complying with usage policies, completing the necessary profile verification, and ensuring public visibility of your applications, you can position your offerings for success in this new and dynamic environment.

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When it comes to naming the functions within your GPT applications, clarity is key. The names should accurately reflect the tasks they perform. If your application offers services similar to existing products, it’s beneficial to include the name of that product in your title. This helps users quickly understand the purpose and functionality of your application. For those looking to make money with the new ChatGPT store, clear and descriptive naming is essential.

OpenAI has also streamlined its usage and content policies. It’s imperative for developers to familiarize themselves with these policies to avoid engaging in prohibited activities or operating in high-risk industries. Moreover, it’s now a requirement that any content generated by your AI is clearly labeled as such, ensuring transparency for end-users. For guidance on setting up your own platform, you can refer to how to set up a GPT store.

Another critical step in the preparation process is the verification of your Builder profile. To list your GPT applications on the store, you must verify your identity through your name or website. This is a mandatory step and cannot be overlooked. Furthermore, your GPT applications must be set to public visibility to be eligible for the store. Applications that are only accessible via a direct link will not meet the criteria for inclusion. For those interested in custom actions, GPT custom actions can provide additional functionality.

Looking ahead, OpenAI may introduce a review process for applications or select them for the store based on user engagement metrics, similar to the practices of other app stores. Developers should keep this possibility in mind as they continue to develop and refine their GPT applications. For insights into performance, the article on ChatGPT-4 turbo performance tested might be of interest.

For those looking to build from scratch, build a custom GPT from a URL could be a starting point. It’s essential to stay informed and prepare meticulously to take full advantage of the potential that lies ahead in the realm of AI application development. For more advanced builders, resources on how to build custom GPTs and using GPT-4 turbo and GPTs to create next-generation AI apps can be particularly useful. Lastly, for those in the field of data science, exploring custom GPT for data science may open up new possibilities. As soon as any more information is officially announced by OpenAI or leaked by  sources close to the action we will keep you up to speed as always

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OpenAI custom GPT Store opening next week

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