Report: OpenAI to launch its AI-powered search engine a day before Google I/O

It’s been clear for some time now that OpenAI is planning to launch a search engine enhanced by AI and, according to a new report, the company plans to do that by attempting to upstage Google I/O 2024.

On Tuesday, May 14, Google will host its annual developer conference which, generally speaking, sees the company’s biggest announcements of the year. High on the list of expectations are new details regarding Google’s plans with both AI and Search, including how the two will continue to come together.

But Google may now have to work against one of its biggest AI rivals taking on Google’s biggest product, Search. Reuters reports that OpenAI plans to launch its Google Search competitor, an AI-powered search engine, on Monday, May 13.

OpenAI has not confirmed the date, but it comes after recent reports of the product’s imminent arrival.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that OpenAI’s search engine will be designed to rival Google and Perplexity, an existing AI search product. That report claimed that OpenAI’s new product would effectively allow users to ask ChatGPT a question and have the chatbot respond with an answer that includes citations from online sources such as news and blog posts, Wikipedia, and more. Images would also be used, apparently, when the query demands it.

The Information also previously reported on OpenAI’s plans.

It’s been pointed out by numerous sources that quietly started showing signs of life recently, hinting at OpenAI’s plans. As it stands today, search functionality is technically already available to ChatGPT users, but only those who pay for the service.

Google, meanwhile, has been rapidly improving on its Gemini AI models and chatbot, as well as testing the Search Generative Experience (SGE) with “Labs” testers. The company also recently appointed a new “Head of Search” while teasing SGE expansions, and started showing “AI Answers” to users not signed up for “Labs.” It’s also been reported that Google is considering making SGE a paid product.

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