Valve’s Steam Deck has recently received a hardware update with the company releasing a spruced up handheld featuring an OLED screen and better battery life. However, it seems that specs for a possible follow up handheld have appeared online.

As with all rumours, it’s worth taking this with a pinch of salt, however, given the success of the Steam Deck, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Valve has something up their sleeve.

Steam Deck allows you to play PC games on the go

The rumour goes that the next generation of the handheld will feature AMDs Zen 4 Hawk Point processors which would double the Deck’s CPU units from eight to sixteen. This bump would allow for a lot more processes to run at once. It’s likely the Steam Deck 2 would use RDNA 4 architecture.

There’s not a lot of information pointing to either RAM or storage sizes of the SSD. Given the Deck’s innards, many players have upgraded their Deck SSD already, pushing the hardware to support 2TB of storage. There’s hope that Valve will look to something much larger, given the increasing size of games nowadays.

Regarding the screen, Valve seem to be eyeing another OLED, but this time upgrading to a 900p display giving a much better resolution and refresh rate. There’s no word on the GPU upgrade as yet, but given Valve’s wish to future-proof their hardware, we could see something that would double or triple the power of the original hardware.

I love my Steam Deck. Since the Switch came out I’ve begun to favour handheld play more than using my TV, so being able to turn off my PC then jump into bed and pick up where I left off, is ideal. While I’ve held off the OLED model, it’s stunning and shows just how cautious and respectful Valve is being with the handling of the system. Here’s hoping we get official news soon.

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Steam Deck 2 specs leak online, and it’s an absolute monster of a handheld

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