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At its event today, Microsoft gave the redesigned Surface Pro‘s keyboard a makeover, adding improved stability, better haptics and even a bold font option for added readability. However, starting at $350, it won’t come cheap.

Available for pre-order today alongside Microsoft’s revamped convertible tablet, the Surface Pro Flex keyboard features a familiar design but with a number of tweaks to make it more adaptable and accessible than before. Inside, carbon fiber supports deliver increased stability, which is an important change as the Flex can now be used when it’s completely detached from a Surface. This means you can position it in all sorts of ways such as typing on your lap while the tablet sits on a nearby desk or table. There’s also a new retractable riser on the bottom, so you can adjust the keyboard’s angle when using it by itself.

The new Surface Pro Flex keyboard features a larger touchpad with improved haptics, carbon fiber supports for added stability and the ability to function even when completely detached.


The Flex’s touchpad is also 14 percent larger than before and features Microsoft’s Precision Haptics to provide more detailed feedback and assist people with limited hand movement. Meanwhile, to support people with low vision, the keyboard will also be available with an optional bold key font. Finally, as we’ve seen on Microsoft’s previous convertible keyboards, the Flex has a built-in magnetic charging slot for the Surface Slim Pen.

That said, it’s important to point out that the Surface Pro Flex keyboard’s $350 base price doesn’t include the pen, so if you want one, that’ll bring your total up to $450. Thankfully, the Flex is backward compatible with the Surface Pro 8 and Pro 9, so you don’t necessarily need to buy a whole new tablet if all you want is a fancy new keyboard.

The Surface Pro Flex keyboard is available for pre-order today in two colors (black and bright sapphire), with official sales starting on June 18.

Catch up on all the news from Microsoft’s Copilot AI and Surface event today!

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