Generative AI is now almost everywhere and has been growing in popularity in the past year and a half. Almost all tech companies now have an AI bot and the features offered using Generative AI on phones are growing as we speak.

However, a report from Axios states that the US Congress isn’t particularly fond of Microsoft’s solution, Copilot. It has reportedly banned the AI app for members of the House over security concerns.

US Congress reportedly bans Copilot for members of the House citing security concerns

Reportedly, Congress’ Chief Administrative Officer, Catherine Szpindor, stated that Copilot is “unauthorized for House use” because of security concerns. Basically what this means is that the AI may leak information shared by House staff.

Meanwhile, Microsoft stated that they are working on government-friendly AI solution that would be able to meet strict security requirements. Reportedly, once this version is ready Congress will be checking it out and deciding whether to allow it for use or not.

Last June, the House restricted staff members from using ChatGPT. They are allowed to use the paid version, but the free version is banned.

Microsoft Copilot is a helpful generative AI tool that also has a paid version. The paid version can be integrated with Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. For now, though, congressional staff is banned from using it. If it were to leak government data, that would be a huge risk and could potentially cause enormous issues to arise.

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