Google offering Pixel Watch LTE with 2 free years of Fi data

As part of the Google Store 25th birthday sale in the US, the LTE Pixel Watch is discounted and comes with “2 years of free data for your device.”

The Pixel Watch (LTE) is $60 off to $339.99 until September 23, like the other phone deals. However, if purchased by October 3 – the day before the Pixel Watch 2 is announced, you’ll get data from Google Fi Wireless to “power your messaging, navigation, and music on the go.”

You’re limited to 250 MB per month of 4G LTE data in the US, which gets throttled to 3G speeds afterwards. This also requires the Messages by Google clients and apps like Google Maps and YouTube Music.  

To use data and texting, you must set up and pair your Pixel Watch with 4G LTE with a compatible phone, and your phone must have an existing phone number and texting provider. 

Google says “voice calling over LTE is not supported,” but you do get “texting at no extra cost, but requires an active wireless phone plan.” We’re reaching out to Google for more details on how texting works, and whether a hypothetical AT&T or Verizon plan would work here. One possibility is that all incoming and outgoing texts are relayed to your phone rather than the watch having a direct connection.

Broadly, the free data offer is very interesting and could be seen as testing ahead of a similar arrangement being included with the Pixel Watch 2, like during pre-orders. This somewhat seems like a services/subscriptions play. 

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Google offering Pixel Watch LTE with 2 free years of Fi data

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