Xiaomi, the Chinese tech powerhouse renowned for its smartphones and gadgets, is swiftly making its mark in the automotive industry. The company’s first foray into electric vehicles, the SU7, is not only attracting attention but also amassing orders at a remarkable pace. In a mere 32 days after its launch, Xiaomi EV proudly marked its 10,000th SU7 rolling off the production line, a feat that speaks volumes about its great preparation.

This rapid production is great news as the surging demand for Xiaomi’s sleek electric sedan would otherwise make getting one next to impossible. Xiaomi has set an ambitious target of 100,000 SU7 deliveries for 2024, and if early sales are any indication, it’s well on its way to achieving that target.

10,000 Xiaomi SU7 already manufactured, over 75,000 orders in place

The Xiaomi SU7, a new contender in the competitive EV market, offers three well-equipped variants: Standard, Pro, and Max. These models are priced competitively, starting at around $30,000 (RMB 215,900) and reaching up to $41,500 (RMB 299,900) for the top-of-the-line Max version.

Xiaomi kicked off sales with a bang, offering a limited Founders Edition of the SU7. Initial deliveries began in early April, and eager buyers have already snapped up over 75,000 units. In fact, on the first day of the Beijing auto show, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun revealed the company was aiming for monthly deliveries exceeding 10,000 SU7s by June.

10,000 Xiaomi SU7 already manufactured, over 75,000 orders in place

This isn’t just about impressive numbers; it’s about Xiaomi’s shrewd understanding of its audience. The company leverages its massive existing customer base of smartphone users to entice them with a car that seamlessly integrates with their other Xiaomi devices. This strategy, along with the SU7’s appealing design and strong specs, has proven to be a winning combination.

Xiaomi’s EV ambitions don’t stop there. Rumor has it the company already has plans for seven new models, including SUVs to rival Tesla’s Model Y. While Xiaomi has denied the reports about entering the EREV market, it’s clear they intend to become a dominant player in the EV space.


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