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Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) has confirmed it’s developing a VR headset, and it’ll be powered by Meta’s Horizon OS – that’s the operating system that devices like the Meta Quest 3 run on.

The initial announcement comes from an official Meta blog post, which confirms that Asus “will use its expertise as a leader in gaming solutions to develop an all-new performance gaming headset.”

While details remain thin on the ground, Asus’ co-CEO, S.Y. Hsu, hinted that it’ll likely be a powerful bit of kit. “We’ve been inspired by the incredible gaming community that has formed around virtual and mixed reality, and we know that the most passionate gamers want high-performance hardware,” says Hsu in the blog post. “With Meta Horizon OS, Asus and Republic of Gamers will build the gaming headset of the next generation.”

It’s not just Asus that’ll be evolving the Meta brand with new devices. It’s also been confirmed that Microsoft is working on a limited edition Meta Quest device that’s “inspired by Xbox.” Once again, concrete details are scarce, though there’s a chance that this device could apply Xbox’s aesthetic to a Meta Quest device and perhaps ship with “Xbox controllers and Game Pass” as teased by Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg in an Instagram post.

While little is known about these upcoming hardware devices, it seems likely that they’ll be at least on equal performance with Meta Quest 3. The blog post mentions that the devices will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, with specific mention of the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2. This is the platform that Meta Quest 3 operates on, and thus, it’s safe to assume that Asus’s upcoming headset will have some parity with Meta’s latest device.

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