Earlier today we showed you a video released by Sony that revealed the May 15th unveiling date for the Xperia 1 VI and the Xperia 10 VI. Thanks to the results of a Geekbench benchmark test we can tell you which chipset will be powering the Xperia 10 VI. Remember, the latter is a mid-range device, unlike the premium Xperia 1 VI which is going to be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 application processor (AP).

The Geekbench test shows that the Xperia 10 VI was tested using the processor codenamed parrot which is the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chipset. For comparison, last year’s Xperia 10 V was powered by the Snapdragon 695 chipset. The test also showed that the phone will feature 8GB of RAM. One rumor says that Sony plans on removing the handset’s telephoto lens which delivered 2x optical zoom. Previously published renders showed only two rear cameras on the back of the model. The FCC has already certified the device which will be available in Black, White, and Powder Blue.

The Geekbench test resulted in a single-core score of 934 and a multi-core score of 2816. The model number of the phone is XQ-ES72 and it comes with Android 14 out of the box. Last year’s model was equipped with a 5000mAh battery. The model number shows that the unit run through Geekbench is earmarked for China and Southeast Asia. We should learn what markets will be getting the mid-ranger during the Xperia New Product Announcement scheduled for next Wednesday (also known as May 15th). During the event, we will also learn more about configurations available, pricing, and the expected release date.

Sony’s smartphone unit is like Charlie Brown and Lucy. Every year Lucy promises not to pull the football away from Charlie Brown so that he can kick a field goal and every year she pulls the ball away resulting in injury to poor Charlie Brown. Every year Sony works hard to make a competitive smartphone line and every year it fails which is very strange for a consumer electronics icon like Sony.

With only .35% of the smartphone market globally, you have to wonder how much longer Sony will go through the charade every year. Yet, the company does have its fans although not enough to make building smartphones a winning proposition for the company.

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