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Carl Pei teases new Nothing Phone – Phandroid

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Carl Pei teases new Nothing Phone – Phandroid

We expect that in 2024, Nothing will be launching its brand new smartphone, the Nothing Phone (3). But there have been rumors suggesting that the company could actually be launching two phones, the Nothing Phone (2a) and the Nothing Phone (3).

Whichever is the case, Nothing’s CEO Carl Pei has shared a teaser on X in which he has basically confirmed that a new phone is coming soon. The post doesn’t mention which phone will be launching, but seeing as the Nothing Phone (2) was launched in July last year, we doubt the Nothing Phone (3) will be making its debut so soon.

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Here’s to 2024 everyone! pic.twitter.com/5OLc1Ap3n3

— Carl Pei (@getpeid) January 1, 2024

We have heard the rumors that the Nothing Phone (2a) could launch first and that the company could unveil the handset at MWC 2024. If that’s the case, we’ve got a little over a month to wait as MWC 2024 is currently scheduled towards the end of February.

The Nothing Phone (2a) is expected to be a cheaper alternative to the company’s flagship phones. It is rumored to be powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 7200 chipset and that it could be priced starting at 400 Euros, making it considerably cheaper than the Nothing Phone (2). Either way, we’ll still have to wait for the launch, but it’s good to see that it has been sort of confirmed.

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Carl Pei teases new Nothing Phone – Phandroid

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