ASUS, which offers various hardware and products in the field of computers for gamers, also has a big say in the gaming smartphone market. The ASUS ROG Phone series continues to attract attention every year with the innovations it offers. As you know, ASUS introduced the ROG Phone 8 series earlier this year. Now, we’ve spotted the ASUS ROG Phone 9 series.

Asus ROG Phone 9 & ROG Phone 9 Pro surfaced, plus some additional details

We don’t have detailed information about the ASUS ROG Phone 9 and ROG Phone 9 Pro. However, we can talk about some of their technical specifications. The model number of the ASUS ROG Phone 9 and ROG Phone 9 Pro is “ASUSAI2501C“. The devices will use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset that Qualcomm will introduce this year. This chipset delivers the performance required for heavy workloads for long hours while maintaining high power efficiency. With many device manufacturers developing Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 devices, it’s no surprise that ASUS has started preparing the ROG Phone 9 series.

ASUS ROG Phone 9 series ASUSAI2501C

ASUS ROG Phone 9 series ASUSAI2501C

They will also feature ASUS’s very own cooling system. This cooling system will prevent overheating and keep the device cool even during long gaming sessions. Other notable features of the devices are AirTriggers, trigger buttons that enhance the gaming experience for mobile gamers.

Expected features & time of arrival

These trigger buttons will give gamers extra control, giving them a competitive edge. Precise and responsive, they will maximize gamer’s reflexes and control. There will also be RGB LED lighting in the background. This RGB LED lighting will enhance the visual appeal of the device and allow users to express their style with customizable lighting effects. RGB lighting will offer gamers a visual feast with color transitions and effects that match the gaming atmosphere.

The two devices are set to make a big debut in 2025. The exact release date is not yet certain. However, these devices are expected to become officially available in Q1 2025.

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