Hisense has made a name for itself in the value television market. Need a TV with some newer features but don’t want to pay the price premium that comes with something from Samsung, Sony, or LG? Hisense is there with a television that is much cheaper.

Now, the company wants to take a shot across the bow of Samsung more directly. In a blog post, Hisense announced the CanvasTV, a direct competitor to Samsung’s The Frame television that comes in at a much lower price. We’re officially in a war of televisions that can look like art.

David Gold, President of Hisense Americas and Hisense USA, said in a statement that the CanvasTV melds “premier home entertainment with modern design sensibilities.”

CanvasTV represents Hisense’s philosophy of melding premier home entertainment with modern design sensibilities. With the ability to transform a living space into an art gallery when not in use, CanvasTV offers the perfect balance of high aesthetics, exceptional technology, and industry-leading picture quality all at Hisense’s best-in-class value.

The CanvasTV will adjust its brightness in Art Mode depending on the environment — using a light sensor to determine the proper amount of brightness. The company also says that the television includes a motion sensor that will turn off the television completely when no one is in the room.


CanvasTV’s Art Mode unlocks a curated world of free artistic masterpieces with a collection of pre-loaded works spanning abstract, modern, and renaissance styles that transform walls into works of art. A simple press of the Art Mode button on the remote gives users the power to seamlessly transition between iconic artworks and personal photographs, which can be customized with rotation preferences and stylized mats. This versatile feature empowers users to curate their own elevated decor, turning CanvasTV into a continuously evolving artistic centerpiece.

The CanvasTV comes packed with 4K resolution and QLED with Quantum Dot Color technology that delivers over a billion shades of color. It also utilizes a matte instead of glossy display to help with glare, something that can come in handy if you have the TV in Art Mode and it is really bright out. It comes packed with HDMI 2.1, so you can actually game with a console on this thing and use Google TV with Chromecast for your smart television offerings.

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