What is the state of wireless charging on smartphone in 2024?

Well, while processors are getting faster and cameras are getting more capable, charging speeds on the major brands like Apple, Samsung and Google have been stuck at the same rate for years.

The latest high-end iPhone 15 series and Galaxy S24 family max out at 15 watts when it comes to wireless charging, which means a full charge usually takes more than two hours. Google’s latest Pixel 8 Pro is only slightly faster at up to 23 watts, but in our testing the actual charging time was still more than two hours.

But what’s happening outside the mainstream?

Wireless Charging Speed Comparison

Well, you don’t have to look far: the latest OnePlus 12 supports 50W charging. For that, you would need to buy OnePlus’ proprietary Warp 50 charger, but with that, the company promises a full wireless charge takes merely 55 minutes. This is more than twice as fast as Apple and Google!

And OnePlus is not the only one. Companies originating in China like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Huawei all support 50W wireless charging, but each company uses its own proprietary charger, so there is no universal standard here.

And this year, we actually have a new record holder for fastest wireless charging!

The new Honor Magic 6 Pro supports an incredible 66W wireless charging speeds, so a full 100% top-up takes just over 40 minutes.

We have summarized the wireless charging speed for each brand and the popular phones that support it right below for your reference:

BrandPhonesWireless ChargingFull Charge Time
AppleiPhone 15 seriesUp to 15W
MagSafe technology
roughly 2 hours
SamsungGalaxy S24 seriesUp to 15W
Qi charging
roughly 2 hours
GooglePixel 8 Pro
Pixel 8
Up to 23W
Up to 18W
roughly 2 hours
OnePlusOnePlus 12Up to 50W
Warp 50 charger req’d
55 minutes
MotorolaEdge Plus (2023)Up to 15Wroughly 2 hours
XiaomiXiaomi 14Up to 50W46 minutes
OppoFind X7 UltraUp to 50W60 minutes
VivoX100 ProUp to 50W
less than 60 minutes
AsusROG Phone 8Up to 15W3 hours 45 minutes
HonorMagic 6 ProUp to 66W
40 minutes
HuaweiMate 60 Pro, P60 ProUp to 50Wless than 60 minutes

We should note that there are also some phones that have even faster charging speeds, but are sold in more limited markets.

One such phone maker is Infinix, which scores an insane 110W wireless charging speed with its All-Round FastCharge tech.

The secret to such insane speeds are the custom-made, small, sensitive coils used. Effectively, you get fewer but bigger coils, which leads to decreased internal resistance and the phone produces less heat while charging.

What is coming next?

The next thing in wireless charging has got to be the new Qi2 standard.

It probably will not result in faster speeds, but it will incentivize Android phone makers to include MagSafe-like technology, so you can snap your Android phone to your wireless charger with magnets.

We suspect the Google Pixel 9 series to be the first ones to implement this new technology, and while we don’t know for sure, but we hope to see a wider adoption next year, 2025, with the Galaxy S25 series too.


In 2024, practically all flagship phones support some form of wireless charging.

The big brands have settled on speeds of around 15 watts, which means it takes roughly around two hours to fully charge your phone. This safe approach ensures is likely all about risk management. With higher charging speeds, you need more advanced cooling systems or a more complicated charger with some sort of cooling, and for whatever reason Apple and Samsung are not willing to risk it.

Companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi and other Chinese phone makers, however, have figured out a way to deliver much faster wireless charging, cutting down top-up times to less than an hour. And not counting Infinix which is sold in limited markets, Honor is the champ with its 66W SuperCharge wireless charger that tops up the Honor Magic 6 Pro fully in just around 40 minutes. 

What is your take on all of this? Do you use wireless charging often? And how important would you say fast wireless charging is to you?

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